Report: Spitzer’s wife plans to divorce him

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Voters may be ready to give former governor Eliot Spitzer a second chance following the hooker scandal but the New York Post says his wife is planning to end their marriage.

The Post’s Page Six is reporting that Silda Spitzer says she has had enough and plans to start divorce proceedings as soon as the race for city comptroller is over. In a campaign ad Spitzer, talked about the scandal, saying “Look I failed big time. I hurt a lot of people.”

Perhaps he hurt no one more than his wife, who stood next to him when he resigned from office in disgrace in 2008 after patronizing high-priced call girls.  Now the Post is reporting Silda has told friends she is upset her husband re-entered politics and thrust their marriage and the scandal back into the spotlight, reportedly saying “That it is too hard,  that this is too rough.”

Recently, Spitzer was on the PIX11 Morning News, where we pressed him on whether Silda would be joining the campaign and if they are still a couple.

He said that  “she got a bunch of petitions for me”. When asked if they were still a couple he replied, “Yes.” but quickly added their lives were their private lives. Now the Post is reporting that Thursday night Spitzer admitted she won’t be campaigning.

The former governor is getting mixed news in the latest polls.  He is close to even in a Quinnipiac University poll of likely Democratic voters released Thursday, leading 49 to 45 percent over Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer with a 4.4% margin of error.  An NBC4/ Wall Street Journal /Marist poll shows him leading Stringer by a much larger margin 48 to 36 percent.  That’s good news considering he has only been in the race for about two weeks.