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Brooklyn fast food workers walk off job, demand higher wages

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WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN (PIX11) – There’s a major slow down at some fast food places in Brooklyn as workers walked off the job Friday evening.

Workers at a Williamsburg Domino’s Pizza say $7.25 an hour just isn’t enough to live on.  That’s why they organized this walk out on Friday evening, what they consider one of the busiest times for fast food businesses here in Brooklyn. This walkout is preview of a larger one that will take place Monday when thousands of fast food workers at several chains across the country are expected to strike.

It’s a low paying, high stress job where employees aren’t valued.  That’s how fast food workers describe their job at Domino’s in Williamsburg. The minimum wage employees say they just can’t afford to be in New York on the wages they’re being paid.

This isn’t the first time fast food workers have walked off the job.  It was just earlier this month that employees at a Manhattan McDonald’s left because they said the restaurant did not have air conditioning.  Workers here say that type of treatment is why they’re fight for the right to form a union without retaliation and $15 an hour pat. Customers say they think both requests are fair.

“The poor people here are just not having enough money to manage with monthly.  They be living check by check you know,” David Camacho said.

But on a financial planning site for its employees McDonald’s recently outlined a budget that they say would work for someone living off their wages.  But there are a couple of problems.

First, McDonald’s used a monthly salary for a full-time employee making more than minimum wage and still requires a second part-time job that pays almost as much.  Which means just to get by, the person would have to work about 80 hours a week.  Next, McDonald’s assumes the person is paying $600 a month in rent– which would be a tough find for someone in New York, even without a family.

And finally, one glaring omission from the McDonald’s budget: food.  So I guess in order to survive on a McDonald’s budget you just can’t eat.  But that kind of defeats the purpose.

These workers in Williamsburg say it’s examples like this that show how out of touch the fast food companies are when it comes to their employees.  And it’s why the industry needs an overhaul.


  • mikewthr

    $15/hr to flip burgers? Get real. It isn't going to happen. I worked for Empire BlueCross BlueShield as a claims examiner, which requires a bit more skill than flipping burgers and I only got $12/hr.

  • esco

    If fast food workers made $15 an hour there would only be one employee in the building.
    That's how corporations think.

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