Bloomberg suing City Comptroller and mayoral candidate John Liu for rejecting homeless shelter contract

(PIX11) – Mayor Bloomberg versus Comptroller John Liu.

It’s spelled out in a lawsuit that the Mayor filed after Liu rejected two municipal contracts that would pay Bloomberg’s former Commissioner of Homeless services $67.6 million to run homeless shelters in the South Bronx and Upper West Side on 95th street.

Liu said the mayor’s contracts were vague so the were rejected.

The contracts were rejected on July 3rd.

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  • Crystal

    Smart man Mr. Liu is. Bloomberg is running NYC like this is his personal plaything. Its about time someone stands up to Bloomberg and his stupid antics.
    What the heck does some guy who is a FORMER employee need almost $68,000,000 for? The city is messed up financially because of Bloomberg treating our boroughs like its a game and he’s the only one winning.
    Greedy man.

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