Racial confrontation escalates, man knocked out!

GREENWICH VILLAGE, MANHATTAN (PIX11)- It was like a scene out of a movie,  a man sprawled out unconcious on a sidewalk on Greenwich Avenue.  E

Even though there was a big film production between West 12th and Jane Street.

The scene that unfolded Friday evening was real and racially charged.

According to witnesses a white man drinking at a local bar stumbled into a black couple dining outside Benny’s Burrito.  The black man tried to steady the tipsy man, but instead of saying “thank you” police say the white man sais “this n— wants to fight me.”

Witnesses say another slur was shouted and that’s when black man identified as 25-year-old Douglas Reddished knocked him out with one punch.

Reddish was arrested charged with assault.

Jason Sanders told PIX 11 that’s just wrong “I think that you have to stand up for yourself  your race and your culture.  I’m Jewish and if someone dropped the “K” bomb on me, I wouldn’t stand for it.

Even though Reddish was provoked Mike Brown says he should have shown some restraint “I think in all situations you should control your emotions.  Reddish was charged with 3rd degree assault, a misdemeanor.

The white man who was not identified was hospitalized in  serious condition.


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