Local News

Newark River Tour draws crowds

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (PIX11)-¬†We all know the Passaic River runs through Newark, NJ but trying to find a good view of it…that’s another story.

We set out to do just that, without much initial luck. We first ran into walls, and even metal fences that blocked our line of sight.

So the fact that there are actually waterfront boat tours may seem a bit surprising.

“I had no idea there were boat tours,” one passerby said.

And that’s the typical response we seemed to get, while others had no idea why someone would pay to venture out on the waters.

But others, like Damon Rich, say the tours are the city’s best kept secret.

For only $15 or $5 for those living in Newark, they can take a two hour, seven mile long ride along the river and learn about the history of the city and what is expected to pop up in future years.

“This is the fifth year we’ve been doing this and we’ve seen over 2,000 people come through,” Damon, who is the city’s planning director said.


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