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Hey, remember the mayoral race? Eliot Spitzer steals spotlight with run for comptroller

NEW YORK (PIX11) – What happened to the Mayor’s race?

Last Sunday, all the usual suspects were posing with big smiles while on the stump in various boroughs.

Less than 24 hours later, the week’s media coverage was hijacked by the suddenly en vogue office of City Comptroller.

Actually it was Eliot Spitzer who bogarted all the media coverage.

The disgraced former governor emerged from the political graveyard to contend for New York City Comptroller, The move coming five years after calling it quits over call girls.

Four days later Spitzer, has the signatures, dollars, publicity, the lead (according to one poll) and a scheduled appearance Friday night on The Tonight Show.

Now about that mayoral race?

It was an intriguing week filled with endorsements, a debate, protests, and an arrest.

Anthony Weiner gave PIX11News his take on Friday regarding the media coverage this past week being primarily focused on Spitzer and the race for comptroller, saying, “There are many, many people who complain about being undercovered, I’m not one of them.”



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