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Brooklyn woman celebrates historic 114th birthday

BROOKLYN (PIX11) – 1899 was quite the year. It’s when Staten Island and Queens officially became part of New York City, the paper clip was introduced and Miss. Susanna Mushatt Jones made her debut.

114 years later, all are still alive and well, but Miss. Susie is the one with reason to celebrate.

The Brooklyn community that she has called home for the past several decades gathered at the Vandalia Senior Center in Brooklyn to honor the super centenarian to celebrate her 114th birthday.

Miss Susie has a lot to brag about. She is the oldest person in New York, the 2nd oldest in the United States and the third on the planet.

“You know what she does, she eats bacon,” Jones’ Goddaughter Valerie Price told PIX11 News, shedding light on how Miss Susie has lasted so long. “She eats bacon every single morning. Now I don’t advocate that because I don’t even eat it myself but that’s what it is.”

To put everything in perspective, Miss Susie has survived two World Wars, 22 U.S. presidents, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the birth of the telephone, radio, tv and internet, the Civil Rights Movement, and every Super Bowl and World Series ever played.


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    July 25, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    Hello, you look very happy to your birthday. Belated happy birthday to you! Wish you luck in the future!

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