Mother gets note in bottle from daughter – now dead – after it washes up 10 years later

PATCHOGUE (PIX11) – Imagine receiving a message from a loved one years after they died — that’s exactly what happened to a Long Island mom whose daughter’s note, tucked into a ginger ale bottle, was discovered amid the detritus from Superstorm Sandy.

Mimi Ferry and her daughter, Sidonie, only had each other.
Sidonie was an only child. They lived together in Manhattan.

“It’s sort of your reflections of each other, but not exactly — there are parts of you..she is beyond what you could imagine,” said Mimi Fery.

One day, Fery’s world collapsed. Her 18-year-old daughter had died — killed during a fall in Switzerland.

Girl Lost copy

That was three years ago. Now, Fery’s received a message from her daughter, who she has so dearly missed.
Reflecting on the emotions released by that little green bottle, Fery explained the she felt joy: “Joy that death is not an ending, even if you’re not here,” said Fery.

When Sidonie was 10, she wrote a note, tucked it into the plastic bottle and tossed it into the Great Bay South off of Long Island. Amidst Hurricane Sandy debris, it turned up. Brian Waldron of the Patchogue Parks Department was there when it was found.

“We opened it up, and there was a number on there,” said Waldron.

Note found in bottle

Sidonie wrote “Be excellent to yourself Dude.”

It was a quote from the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

She also wrote down a phone number, it was her mother’s number.

Waldron has since delivered the long-lost message to Fery.


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