HELP WANTED: Eliot Spitzer will pay you $800 a day to collect signatures for his campaign

Scrambling to make a Thursday deadline, Eliot Spitzer’s campaign for city comptroller is offering people a sizable paycheck to collect signatures so the disgraced ex-gov can get on the primary ballot.

How much, exactly?

$800 a day.

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer running for city comptroller


Spitzer’s campaign posted an ad on Craigslist Monday, offering canvassers $12/hour to help collect the 3,750 signatures of registered Democrats needed to be eligible for comptroller race. However, by Tuesday, the campaign upped compensation to $800 a day.

In another effort to collect signatures, the Spitzer campaign reportedly held a “petitioning party” at a Manhattan restaurant.

Another candidate for city comptroller, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, has collected 100,000 signatures.

While a campaign insider told the Daily News, “it’s a jump ball whether or not he’ll be on the ballot,” Spitzer says he hopes to collect 7,500 signatures by the deadline.


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