Where will Tropical Storm Chantal hit?

NEW YORK (PIX11) - The newest feature on the weather map is Tropical Storm Chantal. It’s currently outside of Barbados and the rest of the Lesser Antilles, and is moving westerly at 26 mph.

The storm is currently quickly to the west, limiting its window to grow in size and strength. No changes in the forward motion are expected in the next 48 hours.

On its present track, this storm will affect Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This is noteworthy because the mountainous terrain of Hispaniola, which make up the two nations will help weaken Chantal. It’s far too early on how or if the storm will affect eastern coast of the US.  PIX11 will follow it daily and provide you the latest updates from the hurricane center.

Locally speaking, the hot and humid pattern persists. Afternoon showers will always be a possibility for at least the next five-to-seven days. We do see a slight change later this week as a backdoor cold front comes from the north gives us more widespread showers Wednesday and Saturday.

This will help keep the temperatures down into the lower 80s. Nonetheless, the refreshing air mass that we are all waiting for is still takings its time and may perhaps arrive next week.


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