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NYPD to simulate a chemical attack on the subway system today

NEW YORK (PIX11) - The city announced it will begin the first of its tests simulating a chemical/biological/radiological in the subway system beginning Tuesday Morning. The test is part of a 3 day sampling called Subway-Surface Air Flow Exchange, a program the city first publicized earlier this year.

Beginning at 6am Tuesday, researchers and NYPD teams will begin setting up for the sampling. At 8am, researchers will release low concentrations of harmless gases known as perfluorocarbons (PFT’s) at select subway and street-level locations. Some 200 devices across 5 boroughs will track the PFT movement. The sampling Tuesday is expected to wrap up by 3pm.

Late notice was given to the media on Monday as researchers were awaiting specific weather conditions before committing to the test. 5-10 mph winds are expected on Tuesday. The city plans to carry out the test, the largest of its kind to be carried out, on 3 non-consecutive days this month.


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