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NYC mayor hopeful Christine Quinn proposes crackdown on the kids menu

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HARLEM (PIX11) — New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is taking a page out of the Bloomberg playbook – proposing some strict rules on children’s meals sold at a number of chain restaurants in the city.

Quinn’s proposal is all part of her campaign to fight children’s obesity.

Although the guidelines are still to be determined, the plan calls for eateries to offer a kids menu that conforms to the federal nutritional standards for school lunches.

That means meals will have no more than 650 calories, 7.2 grams of saturated fat and 740 milligrams of sodium. All which are a far cry of what some restaurants offer now.

Some parents applauded Quinn’s proposal, calling it a great initiative.

“I think that it’s good because if you’re going to say that we are going to have meals designated for children, why shouldn’t they be regulated?” Harlem parent Ann Sanderson told PIX 11 News. “Why shouldn’t we make sure they are nutritious?”

Meanwhile, others weren’t too keen with the idea of having what they can order for their children when dining out regulated.

“I feel like we should have our own choices,” father William Ward said. “Like if my kid wants to eat something that I [deem] healthy, then that should be good.”


  • JOE

    Why does anyone think they have the right to tell me how to raise my kids. Educate me don't order me.
    Why should kids who are fit not be allowed to have a treat? GET THE GOV ERNMENT OUT OF MY LIFE

  • Billy Venable II

    If you are really that worried about your kids eating healthier, WHY ARE YOU TAKING THEM TO MCDONALD'S??? First of all, why would you MAKE your children eat healthier than you are going to eat? And no one is forcing you to make them eat the kids meal. Order them a salad too if you are REALL that worried about it. And secondly, like kids REALLY eat 100% of their meals at school? Now that is a huge laugh.

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