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Digital age babysitter: The practical way to occupy your child with technology

(PIX11) – Stephanie Azzarone, President of Child’s Play Communications, and Jodi Gold, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, have educational apps that parents can introduce to their children to make their kids technological play time more practical.

A new report, from a recent study on couponcodes4u.com, sheds light on how parents enlist TV, computers and other gadgets to help keep their kids busy.  More than half of U.S. parents, 58 percent, have used a tech gadget to “babysit” or occupy their little one so they didn’t have to.

These are some of the educational apps suggested for kids:

  • Kidobi (ages 2-6) – Kidobi is an online video content provider that removes parents’ guesswork by automatically generating customized video playlists, completely personalized to fit children’s learning needs and developmental stage. The platform’s cutting-edge intuitive technology not only adapts to children’s unique skill level,  it provides tailored-made content that matches their level of interest so children are engaged and entertained as they learn. The content is pre-screened by educators and child development experts, reassuring parents that the videos are safe, educational and age-appropriate. Kidobi is available as an app on the iPad and Android.
  • Speakaboos (ages 2-6) -  Speakaboos is a multi-platform subscription service that helps children read, explore and discover the books they love by delivering educational, entertaining, interactive books to children. With one of the largest catalogs of children’s interactive picture books built in partnership with leading publishers, authors, and illustrators, such as The Jim Henson Company, Speakaboos aims to inspire a lifetime love of reading among small children. Speakaboos has will launch its iPad app in mid-July with Android and iPhone applications to be released in the following months.
  • Mibblio (ages 3-8) -  With an intuitive design that is built for kids but enjoyed by all, Mibblio is the first interactive musical-storybook of its kind.  Parents and children are invited to select a “mibblet”—an illustrated story-song—from the Mibblio library while playing along and creating music to accompany the story. Each beautifully designed mibblet is a lively, interactive experience that allows kids to read a charmingly illustrated story, listen to a catchy song, and jam along on a variety of instruments, all at once!  Mibblio is available as an app on the iPad.


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