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Proposed ‘bikini bar’ near Barclays Center has Brooklynites divided

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Imagine a Hooters, but supposedly more upscale and with a lot more class, in the shadows of the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn.

That’s what retired NYPD detective Michael Bell is proposing, a so-called bikini bar where the waitresses would be dressed for a day at the beach all year long.

But, the people going to see the band Postal Service at the Barclays and the cops here on the beat say “no way.”

“They cleaned up 42nd street, we don’t want that here at the Barclays Center,” said one Prospect Heights resident who didn’t want to give her.

The proposed Bikini Bar near the Barclays center reportedly would feature pole dancers and strippers. But Bell says it would be a high end classy sort of joint, be a good restaurant with an exotic dancing stage.

Bell and New Jersey bar owner Renee Caesar presented the plan to Brooklyn’s Community Board 2 and now they are just awaiting the word.

But some Brooklynites don’t like the idea at all:

“After a basketball game, a strip joint? No I am a family man who likes the Nets,” a Park Slope resident told PIX 11.

There’s no name or location yet. It could be right near Barclays on Atlantic Avenue or in Fort Green.

PIX 11 found only one person who actually liked the idea.

“I am all about fun,” Marie Driven of Prospect Park said. “It wouldn’t be competing with Barclays. It works both ways.”

A white triangle building on Flatbush Avenue on the corner of Fifth Avenue was the site of a proposed Hooters but it was shot down by Community Board 6.

Many say this proposed bikini bar would receive the same fate.


2 Comments to “Proposed ‘bikini bar’ near Barclays Center has Brooklynites divided”

    Dee said:
    June 18, 2013 at 5:11 PM

    We've had more than enough problems in this neighborhood from clubs and lewd activities. The 88th Precinct has their hands full as it is just trying to keep the citizens safe. No way, no day…NO THANK YOU!

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