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Jason Kidd named Brooklyn Nets head coach: report

BROOKLYN (PIX11) – The Brooklyn Nets have named Jason Kidd the team’s next coach, according to ESPN sources. Kidd, who played for the Nets for six seasons, retired two weeks ago from the New York Knicks after a 19 year career.

Brian Shaw, the assistant coach of the Indian Pacers, also interviewed for the job before Nets’ general manager, Billy King, decided to offer Kidd the position with the help of Lawrence Frank as a lead assistant. This will be Jason Kidd’s first time coaching.

Kidd has led the Nets to the Eastern Conference Championships twice and is second in league history in assists and steals.

Sources say that Jason has been thinking about coaching for a while now and with his understanding of the game and multiple athletes expressing their thoughts on how Kidd would be a great coach, it’s no wonder that he finally took the leap and interviewed for the position.


Magic Johnson, for instance, stated on a conference call, “Do I think Jason Kidd is going to be a great coach? Yes. Would I hire him? In a heartbeat.”

Jason Kidd is also close friends with Nets point guard, Deron Williams, which was another quality that drew the attention of King.  Nets managers, along with some of the fans, believe that Kidd will be a positive influence on Williams making him work his hardest for the upcoming seasons.

Kidd’s contract is still being finalized and an official announcement is expected to be made this Thursday.


2 Comments to “Jason Kidd named Brooklyn Nets head coach: report”

    andre said:
    June 12, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    Good move… sounds about rite

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