Paul McCartney takes us back to yesterday

Paul McCartney


I marveled as my eyes scanned the crowd, once reckless teens now baby boomers in their sixties mouthing the words and waving their arms to the beat of McCartney’s music.  I found myself swaying with the crowd, my arms locked in my wife’s to the left, and a friend to the right as Mc Cartney led us through the melodic strains of “Hey Jude.” We were thousands of strangers standing under one roof, bonded for an evening as one

Many in the crowd were paunchier and grayer than they were as screaming kids greeting the Fab Four to our shores almost 50 years ago.  Saturday night at the Barclay Center was a rejuvenation of our youth, even for just a few hours.  Approaching his 71st birthday, McCartney had boundless energy as he waltzed across the huge stage without a break for two and a half hours. His voice never faltered.
Fans held signs with messages like “All You Need Is Paul”  and “Thank you.”  McCartney alternated between his guitar and piano, his images projected on jumbo screens.  He dedicated songs to his current and former wives. Throughout the concert, he had the audience in the palm of his hands and he loved it as much as we loved this musical genius.  When the show ended, McCartney left the stage to the deafening roar of the crowd stomping their feet.  He returned once more for a final reprise of his ever popular “Yesterday.”
It is the yesterdays we still cling to, and it is the memories of a Saturday night reunion with a beloved musician that will remain with us through the tomorrows.

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