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Weiner admits more lewd photos, emails may soon come out

HARLEM (PIX11) – Anthony Weiner officially kicked off his mayoral campaign Thursday on a busy street corner in Harlem.

The former congressman, who resigned from his seat amid a Twitter-sexting scandal, shook hands with passing commuters while being hounded by nearly two dozen reporters and photographers.

Weiner spoke to PIX11’s Mike Gilliam in the midst of the chaos.

“All I’m saying is I’m putting myself forward.  I have some ideas.  I’m fighting for the middle class,” the seven-term former congressman said. “I’ve been encouraged by how many people who have said they are prepared to give me a second chance.”



During an interview with WNYC-FM earlier in the morning, Weiner admitted that there could be women coming forward soon with more e-mails and photos as his campaign for mayor gets underway.

“It is what it is,” he said on The Brian Lehrer Show Thursday. “People may decide they want to come forward and say, here’s another email that I got or another photo. I’m certainly not going to do that. So people may hear things that are true, they may hear things that are not true, but I’m going to try to keep being focused on issues that are important to New York City.”

Weiner’s humble approach is going to be just one of many taken by the embattled congressman’s campaign, as the race for the next New York City mayor gets underway.


2 Comments to “Weiner admits more lewd photos, emails may soon come out”

    Bill said:
    May 23, 2013 at 4:33 PM

    If New Yorker's vote this guy in again for office, they will have proven once and for all that they have totally lost their minds like they did in the last Presidential election. Talk about a total sack of crap, Weiner is that guy!

    He embarrassed his wife, himself and the State of New York, now he wants a second chance. Only idiots like Hillary and her chief of staff are prepared to do that! not New Yorkers!

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