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President Obama to return to Jersey Shore for tour of Sandy recovery with Gov. Christie

Obama Christie

(NEW YORK CITY) – A White House official has informed PIX 11 News that President Barack Obama will be visiting the New Jersey Shore.

The President plans to tour areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy last October.

An official issued the following statement shortly before 6 p.m. on Thursday.

“As residents and businesses prepare for a busy summer season, President Obama will visit the Jersey Shore with Governor Christie on Tuesday to view the ongoing recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy devastated areas of the coastline last fall.”

According to the official the trip will also include dialogue by President Obama focused on economic injection to an area that relies heavily on tourism in the summer months, “The President will speak about the importance of re-igniting and expanding economic opportunity for middle class families who were hard hit by the storm, and meet with business and home owners who have benefited from the recovery efforts.”

In the aftermath if Hurricane Sandy the Administration has dispersed approximately $1.3 billion dollars to families in area impacted by Sandy.  FEMA has also provided more than $1 billion in FEMA dollars to support rebuilding efforts by states.

For thousands of families the immediate relief was slow and challenging as financial streams were established to accommodate those that required assistance.  In February the administration provided an additional $5.4 billion.   This initial funding was part of a $60 billion package passed by congress to ensure the recovery process is for the longterm.


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