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No foul play suspected in Metro-North train collision

CONNECTICUT (PIX11)- The NTSB is working round the clock to figure out what caused a Connecticut Metro-North train to derail and collide into another train.

The accident took place Friday evening  after the eastbound train derailed.

The accident sent 72 people to the hospital, amazingly no one has died.

One of the trains involved in the crash still on the tracks.

According to the NTSB a section of the eastbound track was fractured at a rail joint.

In fact authorities say they are going to take a look at the train that traveled through this area just before the crash.

Of course this happened at the height of rush hour, nearly 700 passengers were on those trains combined.

Initially, investigators said they were treating this a crime scene which has since been ruled out by the FBI.

As you can imagine, this crash is still affecting service, probably for a couple more days.

Amtrak suspended service from New York to Boston.

Metro-North suspended service between South Norwalk and Bridgeport.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says train service would return on Monday at the earliest.


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