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12-year-old calls out cop for illegal parking

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LAS VEGAS (PIX11) — No one is above the law, not even the police.

One 12-year-old boy named Jeremy questioned an officer after he parked his motorcycle illegally on a Las Vegas sidewalk.

12-year-old shames bike cop for breaking law

Despite the grilling, Jeremy didn’t get any answers from the officer but he did start a major debate online.

Is Jeremy a law-abiding citizen who expects officers to follow the rules too? Or does his tone show his lack of respect for the law?

Watch the video and tell us what you think.


  • gleny

    I think this kid was a bit out of place. His tone of voice was offensive and he did not know why the cop parked there. I hope he never needs a cop in a hurry.

  • ljohnII

    WRONG. Just plain wrong. Police Officers are not above the law, PERIOD. The kid was correct, he handled the issue correctly. He repeatedly asked the Officer the same question, and the Officer never once gave him an answer.

    As a former Policemen, both Military and Civilian, I am appalled at the actions of this Officer. I cannot believe the Officers response in this matter. He was clearly in the wrong. he could have made "Lite" of the situation, and simply promised to rectify his behavior. But he didn't, instead he felt that his attempts to intimidate this you man was the correct approach.

    I love this video. The kid was absolutely correct. AND he was succinct as he spoke to the Officer. AND just how did this Officer respond ? Like a D*CK !!

    He could have explained to him How much the bike costs, and he was attempting to protect it. Some folks could see that.

    He could have explained, that he needed to be in a position to leave quickly, something that merely walking his bike backwards out of a painted parking spot would not allow. Some folks, especially riders themselves could agree with that.

    he could have even agreed with the kid – :You know what ? You're right. I've been doing ti this way for so long I forgot. Thank You for reminding me, I will take extra steps not to do this again. And remind myself not to do so…

    But NO – This Officer forgot that his is a Public Servant, and Acted like a D*CK to a small child .

    Way to influence a young mind A** Hole !!

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