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Homeland security orders agents to verify validity of student visas

CNN- New York congressman Peter King says customs officials have no way of determining whether foreign exchange students entering the U.S. are in compliance with their visas.

King, On CNN’s state of the union Sunday, gives an example of confusion in the student visa program.

He says two different government groups; U.S. customs and border protection and immigration and customs enforcement regulate two separate forms.

He says one form shows if the student has a visa the others shows whether the student is in compliance with the visa.

King says the two programs are not linked up.

First of all, there should be a way to correct this. The problem, they will tell you, is there are 850,000 student visas and there’s an I-20 form which certifies whether or not that person is still in compliance with the requirements of the visa, whether or not he’s still a credited student, and unfortunately it does not appear the technology’s there to marry them up, which i think is inexcusable.

Last week, the department of homeland security U.S. customs and border protection agents to verify that every foreign student trying to enter the U.S. has a valid student visa.

The new directive followed the discovery that two friends of Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may have been in the country on student visas that were no longer valid.


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