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Bronx teen secretly gives birth; puts baby in incinerator

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BRONX, NEW YORK (PIX11)- A teddy bear, candle and a few flowers sit outside the entrance to a garbage room where a tiny baby’s body was found wrapped in a plastic bag amid all the trash.

Mitra Padilla had no idea her next door neighbor Areille Devonish was pregnant, and then secretly had the baby inside the apartment she shares with her family.

The 19-year-old even kept her brother Clifton Jones in the dark, “I noticed her stomach was getting bigger I know a pregnant persons changes.  But I kind of like asked her.  She denied it.  She didn’t want me to know.”

Clifton says he and his mom were sleeping late yesterday afternoon when his sister gave birth in the bathroom.  He says what she’s accused of doing next has shocked everyone.

“She put the baby in the incinerator right here.”

The high school student raced over to a nearby hospital with her mother who learned just a few days ago her daughter was pregnant, but kept it quiet.

The teen told authorities what happened.

That’s when police went to the building on West Farms Road and made the awful discovery.

The medical examiners autopsy showed the baby was a still born, which means he or she never took a breath.

The mother was charged with a misappropriation of an unclaimed cadaver, a misdemeanor.


  • Esco

    She'll be wishing she didn't do that soon enough.
    As scared as she may have been this was mishandled Big time..

  • TiredOfThis

    When will these idiots stop killing these babies? There are safe havens all over NYC. Contact a safe haven and make arrangements. You let the baby grow for 9 months, so give it a chance to live out it's life, or else just get an abortion as soon as possible. How can these young women sleep at night knowing that they dumped their child in the trash? And in this case, the child could have been burned alive. Sick. Put on your big girl pants and come out with it to your family or make arrangements to give it away, or get an abortion, but don't throw it away like a piece of trash.

    • Guest4987938245

      Did you read the story? Stillborn means the baby was dead upon delivery, there is no safe haven for a dead baby.

      • Crazy Pills

        Exactly. I'm not making excuses for her, but I wonder if the shock of giving birth to a stillborn caused her to react this way. She was probably in legitimate, medical shock. She made the wrong choice, but I have sympathy.

  • Thinker

    @TiredOfThis – How is an abortion any better than throwing a baby in the trash?? It's still a life. It's just at an earlier point in its development.

    • Guest4987938245

      Did you read the story? Stillborn means the baby was dead upon delivery, there is no safe haven for a dead baby.

      • The truth about them

        It may have lived if it was delivered in a hospital like a human being, this beast should still be charged with murder since it had this planned all along, duh it was hiding the fact it was pregnant then hid the dead remains, sick just sick. And you can bet it is living off the government teat.

      • Guest

        Moron, the baby was BORN DEAD. The baby died in the womb. That is what STILL BORN means. Honestly, you are an idiot.

  • Work at Home

    This may sound cruel to some, but thank goodness the baby was stillborn so it didn't suffer outside the womb. The article doesn't say how far along she was when she gave birth.
    As for the safe havens, People don't know what's right under their nose. There are people in my town who have lived here 30 years and have no clue we have a lumber yard (and it's been here for over 100 years). There's just no way to reach everyone.

  • Horrified

    How is this a misdemeanor crime?? Regardless if the baby was a stillborn, this should be a felony crime! Im absolutely sickened by this callous display of disregard for human life. Stillborn or not. And as that 19 year old "child"s" mom, how could u NOT know that she was pregnant??? Unless she was an overweight girl….This is a sad sick story. At least that baby is now in the hands of God, being cared for properly.

    • Peoplearecruel

      Actually, according to this christian religion you subscribe to, it isn't in the hands of god. Read that book again. The baby wasn't baptized so it doesn't get into heaven. That God sure is a nice guy. Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, con-artists and the like just need to say they're sorry and they get to go, but if you forget to sprinkle some water on a kid and sing a few songs that gets you banned for eternity.

      • Megan

        Actually, all babies go to heaven. Baby baptism is just a tradition that is solely for the benefit family of the child. My church calls it a "dedication" bc you are dedicating yourself to raise your baby in the Lord.

  • anonymous

    Wow guys. Maybe she would have given the baby up for adoption if it had lived. Since it was stillborn she wanted to incinerate a baby that was technically never alive. You dont know shit.

  • JD

    Sounds like she’s a load that should have been swallowed. I hate scum like this and wish death to all that harm children.

  • Lampa91

    So ?? Who cares..maybe she doesn´t want a fucking kid yet..get fucking real..think Babies are the Holy Grail..when it´s not..

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