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New arrest made in ricin letters case

(CNN)- FBI agents arrested James Everett Dutschke at his Tupelo, Mississippi home early Saturday.

Dutschke now faces federal charges in connection with ricin-tainted letters sent to President Obama, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and a county judge.

His attorney had no comment on his arrest.

One analyst says this investigation is moving faster than usual, “The speed of this is being driven by how dangerous ricin is.”

Earlier in the week, prosecutors dropped charges against another man, Paul Kevin Curtis.

Curtis believes he was framed, and identified Dutschke as a potential culprit.

FBI agents searched Dutschke’s home and former martial arts studio, though it’s not clear what they found.

When asked this week if he’d ever handled ricin before, Dutschke told reporters, “No. I wouldn’t recognize ricin if I saw it.”

Dennis Carlock lives in Dutschke’s neighborhood, and has had a dispute with him the past, “Right now, I’m just glad he’s out of our neighborhood and I hope they keep him off.”

The toxic letters read in part: “To see a wrong and not expose it; is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

Each letter had a Memphis, Tennessee, postmark and no return address.

If Dutschke is convicted, he could face life in prison.


3 Comments to “New arrest made in ricin letters case”

    melissa said:
    April 27, 2013 at 8:14 PM

    wow ok and you know what who is responsible for arresting he wrong man , wow i tell you what the hell is wrong with this government what a bunch of isiots arrested somebody that there was no evidence against him , holy crap wow they should be embarressed of themselves hahahahhahahha

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