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Cheerleader body found; friends mourn 13-year-old Hailey Dunn

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TEXAS (CNN)– After two and a half years, the search for a missing 13-year-old girl in Texas has come to a tragic ending.

Police have identified bones found last month near a lake as those of Hailey Dunn. Dunn disappeared from her home in December 2010.

Hailey’s paternal grandmother believes she knows who was involved in her granddaughter’s death.

“I’ve had a feeling all along that she wasn’t kidnapped, that she was murdered. I’ve had that feeling all along. It’s just the emptiness that I had in my stomach, and I’ve had it there all along and when they found the remains over in Scurry County I just, I knew, I knew, I just knew that it was Hailey. I think that it was right. I think that Shawn Adkins had something to do with it. I really do. It’s the first thing that come out of my mouth when Connie told me that Hailey was missing and I asked where the hell was Shawn and did he have anything to do with it and she said no, that she didn’t think so. And I just…the things that Hailey used to tell me about the man… She didn’t like him, she didn’t trust him, she was afraid of him. Oh she’s remembered. Everybody that ever knew her remembers her, everybody. And she won’t be forgotten. Ever.”

Shawn Adkins dated Hailey’s mother and lived with her and Hailey.

He is the only person police have ever named as a suspect in the case, but they have never arrested him.


  • Twinkie

    Why does it matter that she's a cheerleader? Does that make it more sad that a child got taken away sooner than she should have?

  • melissa

    this is horrific , my god wtf is wrong with this world , omg why would anyone wanna hurt a innocent child omg !! ord jesus is u are here watchong over us then u better show your face now cause satan is knocking down doors . RIP hailey

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