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Fans upset over Victoria’s Secret model’s new short hair

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When is short hair not sexy? Apparently when you’re a Victoria’s Secret model.

There’s a big to-do over the length of Karlie Kloss’ hair.

Kloss chopped off her locks two days before the Victoria’s Secret runway show even after the lingerie giant spent $75,000 on extensions.

Now they’re letting Kloss walk the runway with short hair, but some fans are up in arms saying short hair is not sexy.

What do you think? Is short sexy?


  • truth

    Long hair and short hair doesn't make a difference when it comes to being sexy with these models.
    Those fans who are up in arms are not that bright for saying something so silly like that.
    Kloss is a beautiful woman regardless if she has long or short hair.
    Short hair is sexy.

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