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Security job placement company scammed unemployed out of thousands: lawsuit

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“I’m looking for work for a long time, I just got out of school, I have loans to pay back, and they just took the little bit that I had.”
Akilah O’Connor says 1st Security Preparation and Placement contacted her about a job opportunity right after she graduated from college back in 2010.  After some training, she says the company promised her a job paying up to $20 an hour.

“First you go through two classes where you get your certification to do security, they find jobs for you, and place you in those positions.”

But O’Connor says she grew suspicious after the company asked for a deposit of almost $100 before the classes even started.

“The first clue that everybody said was wrong was they wanted money up front.”
So O’Connor filed a complaint against 1st Security.
Turns out, so did hundreds of other people who say they paid for classes but never got the jobs they were promised.
Now Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is suing 1st Security saying the company made false promises for jobs to trick unemployed consumers into paying for overpriced and unnecessary training courses.  In a statement Schneiderman said:

“Posting phony job listings during an economic crisis is a particularly cynical effort to prey on the hopes of struggling workers and families.  We will seek the maximum penalties against 1st Security as well as restitution for defrauded consumers.”

PIX11 went to 1st Security to find out what they had to say about the lawsuit, and talked to a man who refused to identify himself.

PIX11: “We’re doing a story about the lawsuit filed by the Attorney General’s Office.”
“I don’t know nothing about that.”
PIX11: “Is there a manager here? Somebody we can speak with?”
“No, there’s nobody here.”
PIX11: “Maybe the owner of the company?”
“The owner just stepped out, he won’t be back till maybe tomorrow.”
PIX11: “Have you been providing people jobs here?”
PIX11: “You don’t have any comment?”

And not only did the company refuse to answer our questions, it turns out they’re still holding classes regularly.

Alexandria Frazier told us she had already given the company 80-bucks for the course, before we told her about the Attorney General’s lawsuit.

“It makes me really nervous, I hope I’m not being scammed.”

Now if 1st Security is found guilty they could be forced to shutdown their entire operation and pay up to $5,000 for each person who went through the training.


  • Joseph Andino

    me and my wife both went to the course to look for work at first security and were told that we would have a job in the midtown area. We went to there so callled placement, sat in a room with with maybe 30 or more people to get a letter to go to another security firm to fill out an application for a job in hope that they have a job for you. Hartford security the firm that sent us to First security for training and placement just kept sending us back there for placement. If there is a class action lawsuit please contact me

    • Lisa Stewart

      Hello I just seen the story about 1st class security me an me sister went there but it was from trinity sercurity we have not found a job though Them smh if there is law suit pls contact me – – Lisa Stewart Sandra Guillermo both of us got scame

  • Nathaly Vasquez

    Hello everybody from pix11 news i love to watch your news. One year ago i went to that security guard interview and because i did not have experience they told me that i have to do the training wich was almost $500 plus the $75 i paid for the interview. They told me that they gonna find me a job paying 21 dollar per hour if i complete 5 different training wich were lost prevention, metal detection, fire guard, 8 and16 hours. I did all those training. When i was waiting for my certificates in that security training place i gave them the contract i signed during the interview the poimt is that they gave me the certificates but not the contract and went i asked for that they said that they could not find it.the next day went to an interview in the same place or how they called this the placement interview so they gave an address where i had to present my certificates plus the receive of my fingerprints who costed me $106. I’m waiting for the job they promised to me. Before i went to this place i i was unemployed and i spend all tje money that i receive from my income tax on this. Also i have two friends who went to that place three years ago and they do not have a job so that means they keep playing with those people who see themselves as security guards promised them jobs. Please pix11 news help us i know you can do something. I did not complain about this because i did not know what to do. Sorry if i have bad grammar. I wish you could understand I’m learning English.:-) :-P

  • Adelina

    These people are heartless. 3 months ago I received a phone call for an interview. I went to the interview and supposedly got hired to work at a corporate building with full benefits making $17 an hr. they said I had to pay for training which was $488. I went through the training to all the classes even paid one of the teachers an additional $60 for a fire guard class. And i still have no JOB!! . This ridiculous that they are scamming us this way. I want to know if wpix is going to help us in any way get our $$ back, I have all my receipts of payment.

  • erlin tood

    i wish i could knew this earlier. i spend more than 1,450.00 on interview, training ,fingerprint and transportation all for nothing due to interviews where always a but , licence for the 8/16 hr fireguard and anti-terrorism never happened and on top of the i still need to paid the money back to friends and family .if i qualified still for the lawsuit please provide me with the information i need to act . I starred the training on January 2013. Contact

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