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Four arrested in fake debit and credit card scam

NEW YORK (PIX11)- The NYPD has arrested four Los Angeles men for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manhattan banks using fake debit cards.

Cops caught a man trying to withdraw cash from a flagged account at a Chelsea ATM.

They searched his hotel room and found three more men who had a total of more than three hundred fake cards

They also found nearly two hundred thousand dollars in cash.

All four have been charged with grand larceny and identity theft.


2 Comments to “Four arrested in fake debit and credit card scam”

    Lauren said:
    August 21, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    Heyman met with Schmidt, and fould Dale and Poupart at Gilligan’s Island Bar, who, according to Blakely’s

    arrest report, had purchased a $50 gift certificate and charged $70 for drinks with the same

    card used at the Oyster Bar after their gift card was declined.

    Don’t let identity thieves steal the joy out of your holiday season. The cardholders themselves simply decide they are unwilling or unable to pay for the goods they did, indeed, order. Citi Identity Theft Solutions will help you work with all three major credit bureaus to place the required fraud alerts on your account if your information has been compromised.

    Roomster said:
    August 22, 2013 at 3:47 AM

    Once you have noticed a credit card is missing, conduct a thorough search.
    Identity theft is quickly becoming one of the most
    dangerous crimes in America. A criminal defense attorney in California
    is after defense with a Credit Card fraud.

    In the past, the fake sites used in phishing scams were riddled with graphic and grammatical
    errors, which made them easy to spot and avoid.

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