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Help Me Howard: Aspiring security guard wanted a job, got stuck with a bill

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A local man signed up for a security guard training course. But he thought it was a job placement service. There’s a big difference.

David Mendez thought he was signing up for job placement, because that’s what the add indicated on Craig`s List. The company in question is H.P. Security training. David says he was given the hard sell and then asked to fork over a lot of cash.

David readily admits he didn`t read the contract carefully. He is now signed up for a course he doesn`t want. And he owes money he doesn`t have. Think about it. How do you ask unemployed people to pay for job training?

David says he was mis-lead during the interview process. He says the guy just handed him a bunch of papers and said sign here. Sign here and here. Never just sign anything.

Watch the video to see how this works out for David.  

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