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Suspect arrested in case of NY mom killed in Turkey

PIX11-  Turkish officials have detained the man they believe killed a Staten Island mother.

The suspect known only as “Ziya T.” is expected to be taken to Istanbul for questioning and possible formal arrest.

His DNA was found under Sarai Sierra’s nails and he was caught on surveillance video trying to sell her jacket.

“Ziya t.” has been on the run since her body was found on February 12th.

He is described as a homeless scrap paper collector who hung out around the place police found Sierra’s body.

Sierra traveled alone to turkey on vacation and died from a blow to the head by a brick.


2 Comments to “Suspect arrested in case of NY mom killed in Turkey”

    jaokguy said:
    March 25, 2013 at 12:56 PM

    Well she certainly got what she deserved…that'll teach her to leave her husband and sons to go be a slut in another country. This woman lived in Tramp City, USA. You don't do that, and she got learned real good.

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