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Long Island Rep. Peter King in real boxing match

WANTAGH, LONG ISLAND (PIX11)- ┬áHe’s usually throwing jabs at his contemporaries on Capitol Hill, but tonight Congressman Peter King traded the verbal sparring for some actual sparring at Mulcahy’s Pub in Wantagh.

The Long Island Republican says he’s a big fan of the sport and has been training for about 9 years.

King says he agreed to the two round exhibition after his trainer Chris Cardona suggested he participate in the slugfest.

Kings opponent for the night… New York State kickboxing champ”Irish” Josh Foley.

Boxing fans and constituents for the night say it’s nice to know their Congressman can put up a fight in the ring and in Washington.

But one person who is not a big fight fan is King’s wife Rosemary.

Not only does she hate boxing, but this bout took place on her birthday.

King says she even told police not to bother her if anything happened to him in the ring.

So even though he made it out alive the Congressman probably on his card before the night is over.


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