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Caught on video: Elizabeth, NJ, cop punches a woman; under investigation

It’s the video that’s gone viral for all the wrong reasons. A cell phone video posted on YouTube apparently showing an Elizabeth police officer punching a woman after she tried to intervene.

“Everyone on my block is talking about it,” said Elizabeth NJ resident Mickey Mceleroy.

Like many other residents in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Mceleroy was stunned when he first saw it on Tuesday morning.

“I don’t think she needed to get hit, it looked like she was separating the commotion that was going on,” said Mceleroy. “It’s an unfortunate thing to see.”

Police sources said what happened before the altercation is what’s not clear from the video. Sources said the officer was breaking up a fight and the woman lunged at him, first.

It happened over the weekend across the street from Club Envy on North Broad Street in Elizabeth.

While Elizabeth police would not return our repeated calls for comment,  the mayor released a statement.

“The Elizabeth Police Department Internal Affairs is conducting an ongoing investigation. The officer remains on duty and the victim has not yet been identified.”

The more the video goes viral,  the more residents said they wanted answers from the police department.

“I saw that video about three times, I didn’t feel any less way about it, it’s too much aggression for a professional,” said John Felix.

“I wouldn’t expect that from somebody who’s supposed to protect you,” said Anna Medeiros.

The entire video is about 20 seconds long. The video has been viewed more than ten thousand times. The Union County Prosecutor’s Office said it’s office is not involved.

The officer has not been identified.


1 Comment to “Caught on video: Elizabeth, NJ, cop punches a woman; under investigation”

    Anonymous said:
    March 7, 2013 at 5:52 PM

    How dare u call her a victim!!

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