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Second sinkhole appears, just 3 miles from first

Florida officials are monitoring another sinkhole just three miles from the deadly sinkhole that swallowed a man sleeping in his bed last week.

The ground opened up between two homes in Hillsborough county Monday.

There’s no reported damage to the homes, but a fence dividing the properties is broken.

County officials say the two sinkholes are not geologically connected.

One resident says an inspector told her family her home sits over several sinkholes.


An aerial view of the first sinkhole that opened up in Florida underneath a home, killing a man inside.


2 Comments to “Second sinkhole appears, just 3 miles from first”

    Report Designer said:
    March 5, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    Sinkholes are a topic that I think most of us in the American public are fairly ignorant about. The tragic Jeffrey Bush incident has definitely left many of us wondering about sinkholes and their risks.

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