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‘I want to turn myself in’: Suspect in hit-and-run that killed a family

(BROOKLYN) - Julio Acevedo is speaking in hiding. In a report on Tuesday, Acevedo says he is on the run after someone fired shots at him Sunday morning before a deadly crash in Brooklyn.

The 44-year-old career criminal is alleged to have been behind the wheel of a BMW Sunday morning that killed Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21,  as they were heading to the hospital via a livery service.  Their 7-month-old son who was born as a result of the accident died prematurely on Monday.
As word spread late Tuesday morning that arguably the most wanted man in the city was captured. The media began gathering at the 90th precinct in Williamsburg.

The NYPD says that no arrest was made, but the 44-year-old Acevedo who was arrested for DUI in February did express remorse to the New York Daily News and says that he plans to turn himself in.
Shortly after Acevedo indicated he would be meeting with authorities, members of the community began to express their outrage and pain, and to demand justice.
PIX 11 News did go to the Bronx building and knocked on the unit where the woman whose name was listed on the registration of the BMW lived.  A voice from inside said, “Go away.”

The NYPD is anticipating an arrest shortly as detectives out of the 90th precinct and a one from the accident investigation squad work on the second floor to try and track down Acevedo.

One detective telling PIX 11 News that due to the heightened animosity of the community in all likelihood Acevedo will turn himself in at another precinct.


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