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Friday Forecaster: Liz Giardana of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Liz Giardina, Board Member of the New York City – Southern New Chapter of the National MS Society, stopped by as our Friday Forecaster.  She’ll be participating in society’s 5th annual Climb to the Top Rockefeller Center to raise funds and awareness of multiple sclerosis, taking steps toward a world without the disease.

Liz was diagnosed with MS in 1994, the day before her 17th birthday. She participated in last year’s event,  managing to make it up to the top in around 25 minutes.  This year, she’s leading a corporate team “to the top.”

PIX11′s own Mr. G will be hosting the Climb to the Top awards ceremony taking place this Sunday, March 3rd.  To learn more about Climb to the Top, log onto: www.climbMSnyc.org .


3 Comments to “Friday Forecaster: Liz Giardana of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society”

    Freya Koss said:
    March 1, 2013 at 10:55 PM

    It's encouraging to see that Liz Giardana will be "climbing to the top" to raise awareness and funds for the MS Society. Has Liz, the corporate partners, her doctors and/or the MS Society considered the causal relationship between the symptoms of MS and exposure to mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings? Stacy Case, Fox 17 news anchor recovered from MS after having her amalgam fillings safely removed. Stacy's journey back to health (www.mercurymom.com). For the scientific research linking MS to mercury vapors: http://www.iaomt.org.

    I also was diagnosed with MS after suddenly developing double vision 7 days after an old mercury filling was drilled out and replaced with a new one. My story and testimony at FDA hearings: http://www.mercuryexposure.info.

    Mercury is one of the most toxic and poisonous elements on the face of this earth, and does not belong in the body. I am sharing this with the hope that others diagnosed with MS will consider that mercury fillings may be at the root of their disease. You may write to me for additional info:

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