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‘Sexist’ St. Patrick’s Day art removed after sparking controversy

At 200 Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn, a mural in the window of a dry cleaning business that was supposed to be in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, was instead causing some commotion.

The mural depicts a busty woman with a revealing shirt saying, “You’re the man” to a male St. Patty’s Day reveler — possibly a leprechaun — who says “It’s my day.”

Brooklyn resident Regina Pajak said it “portrayed (women) in a very sexist and demeaning way,” said Pajak.

While some said it was nice and not offensive, the majority on the street told PIX11 it should not be there.

PIX11 contacted a manager of the building who said she wasn’t aware of any problem.  When she saw the mural, she agreed with those residents that it should go.

Management contacted the Cleaners, and the mural was promptly removed.

The Building said the owner was not trying to be offensive at all and that it was an innocent gesture. In a matter of minutes, the mural was gone.

The owner of the dry cleaning business told PIX11 it was an honest mistake. The owner also said  he had been planning on doing something about it, that it was not intentional.


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