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Child services investigates dad of rapper Lil Poopy, 9, who sings about drugs, guns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

He’s all of 9-years-old, but it doesn’t stop this pint-size rapper from rapping about money, drugs and of course the perennial favorite — hoes.

But now the father of the MC known as ‘Lil Poopy’ is finding himself in some dookie.

Lil Poopy — whose real name is Luie Rivera Jr. —  is an artist signed under rapper French Montana’s label Cocaine City Records. He’s already starred in a series of suggestive YouTube music videos where he could be seen rapping alongside scantily-clad women and luxury cars while rapping about guns and cocaine among other things.

This week, authorities in Massachusetts filed a complaint against the fourth grader’s dad – Luie Rivera Sr. – claiming child abuse and neglect.

lil poopy


Rivera responded to the charge, telling the Boston Herald his son isn’t doing anything wrong.

“There are other kids out there killing kids, doing drugs, molesting. He’s just singing hooks. He’s not hurting anyone.”

Well despite that, the State Department of Children and Families is moving ahead with its investigation on the complaint.

The probe will ultimately determine if it’s a case of child neglect, or a classic case of “haters goin’ hate.”


  • Jriver

    Sadly. The future that have chosen for this kid will not end up well.
    It is sad and disgusting how parents are raising their kids today. But hey, what do they care as long as they can explode him.

    • carolina

      Totally agree!!! But i'll add that the media has also a role in all this…Who are the "heroes" they promote? Who are the role models in this country??? As you said, very sad and off course parents are responsible.

      • jlsess

        As a society, a segment of the society has really lost their moral compass if they ever really had one. What parent in their right mind would have their child make glamourous the drug trade? Just setting up the younger generation for incarceration …Ball of confusion that's what the world is today!

    • Jan

      He is not hurting anyone if the kid likes to rap then let him rap. You know he is not causing any problems. He is not ruining your life? Hes doing what he loves. Just like Lil Wayne…He is not doing coke, he is not doing drugs, he is just rapping into what our society its all about. So stop hating on him, Do you think everything you find on the internet is true? Like c'mon he is just doing that so he can get more fans. Do you see 9 year old kid rapping about stuff like that nowadays?No you don't he is just rapping because you never see a kid doing that. Let him rap!

      • bklyn

        Jan you are a idiot…its not about this little kid rapping, but rather what hes rapping about. let your 9yrs old rap about hoes drugs being a boss and murder. This kid probably doesnt know half of the stuff hes rapping about. People arent hating on him for rapping but what hes promoting through his rap…oh and do I have to remind you that hes only 9.

      • Morals

        its obvious your ghetto trash, he's not hurting anyone you say? he's hurting plenty. Its bad E Nuff today's youth have no respect what so ever and this sends a message that its ok t "Ghetto Gangster" what does this lil boy know bout life? haven't even begun to live it!!! the freakin chain around his neck weighs more than him and whats he doing smacking a grown ass dirty skanks rear end, he wouldn't know what to do with that, absolute trash!!!!todays rapp has one mission in mind, destroy the youth, BCW should take the child from his parents and charge them with child abuse and endangerment, nothing but low class ghetto trash this is not entertainment and your uneducated ass are a waist of life……

  • kazz

    Hey the kid isn't hurting anyone. you can say what you want about the hoes guns and drugs….but saying isn't neglect and if that was true eminem would have been jailed ALONG time ago.

    the kid has skills you don't know if this will lead him to money or bad things. Every one has choices and no one said that rapping always leads to guns, drugs and violence.

    • Angel

      Yea you can say what you want as long as your an adult. So your telling me you would let your kids say the same thing? Child services should take a look at you as well. And your wrong rappers always choose drugs violence and hoes. That is always the choice they choose even if they have choices. Rappers don't become presidents, judges, stock brokers. Rappers stay stuck on stupid. You need to educate yourself as well since that's the way your brain works

      • bobby

        OK What about Jay-Z? Part owner of an NBA team Brooklyn Nets, and married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. We know you cant come back with something on that. Your comment was very prejudicial. Maybe you should live in some places that I have at a young age and see what we have and maybe you would change your mind.

  • modon

    we, the general public, are guilty of letting our tax money go to Luis Rivera Sr. in the form of food stamp and other welfare

  • Angel

    No kid at all should be saying nor should be knowing things like this. Grown ADULTS can say anything about hoes, guns, and cocaine not children!! The parents ought to be ashamed of them self. That little boy is sadly going to be another ghetto person we don't need in this world. And mostly all rappers do drugs, and act stupidly violent trying to prove something they`re not. And for the female who let that LITTLE boy slap her butt is very disgusting.

  • Julie

    A nine year old making his trashy father rich. I guess it is easier than working. The father is garbage. The kid should be taken away. Xposing to your kid to this smut is endangerment. Wake the hell up people! There are actually people defending this! Scary!!

  • bobby

    This is rediculous; First of all, why is it his DAD is being investigated, how do they know that it might have been his MOTHER that did this. Also, this is no way shape or form neglect, just like child support. Someone there just do not like rap music and trying to make a name for themselves and make a dollar for the court system. All of you that want to comment on how disgusting his parents must be, let me ask you, have you lived in the areas he has? have you left your comfortable lollypop land and saw what the real world is? Stop calling neglect everything under the book when it is not. If you dont like it, it s simple, dont listen or buy is music.

  • Shelene

    People need to mind there own business. Who is ACS they dont own any one. What happen to a freedom of speech. If the parent want to prepare his child for a rap career thats at his own discretion. These kids listen to many rappers and can recite rap words better than there homework. acs needs an investigation of its own and who ever bring the guns and drugs in the states hum……

  • Carol Jordan

    He is not walking a run way at five with no clothes on, thats disqusting. He is exercising his mind at nine. not everyone can recite raps.I think its brilliant. Everyone needs to mind there own business. If he wants to use his child to get out the ghetto. He wont be the first or last. How many parents used there kids for fame. Get a life and leave that parent and his family alone. This country and everyone in it mind your business and cater to your own life and kids.

    • guest

      i coach a pal football team they all can do it there is no money in rap stop thinkig they have money cus they dont . yeah they have some who did . but the last time i looked the jacksons was not singing about coke brids and hoes.

  • jlsess

    As a society, a segment of the society has really lost their moral compass if they ever really had one. What parent in their right mind would have their child make glamourous the drug trade? Just setting up the younger generation for incarceration …Ball of confusion that's what the world is today!

  • IsJacinta

    There are thousands of souls in jail who say they wish their parents and elders had told them right from wrong, about the Bible and God or if someone had taken the time to love them. Why would you want to be one of the people responsible for ruining a life? God forgive me if I am wrong I just hope that this man teaches this child how to be a christian and then make better choices. The child has talent but the direction that the father is taking him in seems wrong to me. God loves us all for ever no matter what. You can always change and accept the gift of eternal life with your loving GOD.

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