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Bloomberg to ruin NYers’ pizza parties: 16 days to big soda ban

Just 16 days left if you want to order a big bottle of soda like this one along with your pepperoni pizza.

And the manager of Caruso’s in Cobble Hill is worried that Mayor Bloomberg’s upcoming ban on sodas in containers larger than 16 ounces is going to hurt his business

“Maybe we’re going to lose some customers,” Steve Di Maggio of Caruso’s of Cobble Hill. “They’re not going to call you no more.”

At Domino’s locations across the city, the displays still show 20 ounce bottles of soda, but workers here say they’ll be switching to smaller cans and bottles as well come mid-March.

The change will affect you financially as well. Here at Caruso’s a two liter bottle costs three dollars. This six pack with the same amount of soda costs $7.59

Also pitchers of sugary sodas sold at restaurants and bowling alleys would be banned but big containers of diet sodas, seltzer, alcoholic drinks and smoothies will still be allowed.

“I think it’s rude,” Maret St. Aimee, a puzza customer said. “Customers should have the right to have as much soda as they please. It’s a breach of your rights as a citizen. You’re entitled to have as much soda as you want. For him to put the ban. It’s a little ridiculous.”

But Jeff Anderson, another pizza customer disagreed.

“I don’t think it’s catastrophic. Why not try something. It seems a little dictatorial perhaps. But also people end up in clinics, hospitals, health care crisis and obesity problem. Maybe it’ll make the lines to the bathroom shorter.”

More food for thought. There are 900 calories in this two liter bottle.  And a pizzeria faces a possible 200 dollar fine if they deliver it to you after March Twelfth.


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