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Lamont Pride found guilty of second-degree murder in death of Officer Peter Figoski

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He was their hero.

Wiping away tears – the ex-wife and four daughters of slain New York City police officer Peter Figoski walked past the media inside Brooklyn Supreme Court after their father’s accused killer, Lamont Pride, was found guilty of second degree murder.

Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch says Pride got off easy. He was not found ­­-guilty of the more serious charge of aggravated murder meaning intent to kill.

Lynch says the family and his brothers in blue wanted more, “To say the least, we’re disappointed and angry . . . This puts a doubt in every police officer’s mind.”

Lamont Pride

In 2011 – Figoski’s funeral was attended by thousands of police officers.  He was a decorated and beloved member of the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn, as well as a 22-year-veteran of the force.

His partner, Glenn Estrada, chased down Pride down and arrested him after he shot Figoski in the face during a botched robbery inside a Brooklyn basement apartment.

Peter Figoski

Officer Peter Figoski was killed in December 2011

Pride later claimed the shooting was an accident, telling police that he fell down while running out of the house causing the gun to go off.

Figoski was shot and killed a few weeks before Christmas in 2011.

Prosecutors said it was intentional.  “This clown killed our hero.”  After the verdict was read officers from the 75th percent sat solemnly.

The pain is still fresh for his family and for his brothers in blue.  Figoski’s parents were also in the courtroom to hear the verdict.

Pride could face 25 years to life in prison.  He was also found guilty of burglary.


  • Peter

    this crap deserves first degree murder all the way. his actions resulted in him shooting and killing a police officer in the face, while he was in the middle of robbing a house carrying a loaded illegal handgun. he is a career criminal. then leaves the seen after he consciously shoots the officer down. he intended to kill this officer and escape, no question about it. this is unreal.

  • Andrew

    Good he should have been found not guilty…How many times did a cop kill an innocent man this year the dominican guy from the bronx who was being robbed thn ran out the store for safety and the cop shot him… when an untrained cop shot a man in his own home in the bronx and they kept his grandmother from her meds in the precent…..saun bell and any more who have been murdered like animals by these dirty pigs we call n.y.p.d.fuck em all…..I hope that cop rots in hell….

    • Luis

      Another comment from an imbecile who probably has been arrested many times by the police. The article never said this scumbag was found "not guilty"! I guess its not really a surprise you can't read… you barely know how to fucking spell. Go fuck yourself, you ignorant lowlife animal.

  • Peter

    Andrew you piece of garbage to make such a comment. there are more good cops then there are bad cops. there is so much crap on the street like you Andrew, thank God for the NYPD. most of the nypd are good guys, trying to keep the streets safe from crap like you Andrew. I hope you rot in hell to you piece of crap. I bet your a sucker lowlife and im sure your parents are too.

  • ricky

    i knew Lamont and he really surprised me he was not this monster that he looks like he made a huge mistake and it sucks that a man had to die actually 2 men died including Lamont from a stupid mistake my prayers go out to both families

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