[UPDATE] Police nab man accused of killing two men, one a former navy seal

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TEXAS, (PIX11)–  Police caught the accused killer of a former navy seal, and his friend Saturday night after he drove away from the scene.

Investigators say 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, shot both men earlier on Saturday at a gun range near Fort Worth Texas.

One of the men killed at point blank range, 38-year-old Chris Kyle.

Kyle is not only a retired navy seal but also, the author of the bestselling autobiography “American Sniper”.

Video shows Kyle giving a sniper lesson while promoting his book.

Through the chapters he writes of capturing over 150 sniper killings in Iraq. He describes it as a record for any American.

He recalls his experience as a navy seal, “my only regret is for the guys I couldn’t save…. But every shot I took I felt extremely justified.”

Kyle and his 35-year-old friend, Chad Littlefield’s lives were cut short

Police say they were trying to help Routh on Saturday. Routh was a former marine and likely suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The idea was to take him out shooting for a little outdoor therapy… instead, he turned the gun on both of them.