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Meet George McDonald: He wants to be New York’s next Republican mayor

New York’s mayoral election is still ten months away, but the candidates are already lining up.

The likely democratic contenders have been known for sometime.

But the Republicans, who until recently had no committed candidates, now has a crowded field to face off in a primary.

We’ve already met two of those candidates here on news closeup—John Catsimatidis and Tom Allon.

On Sunday’s News Closeup, we meet George McDonald, another former democrat-turned republican who founded the DOE Fund more than 25 years ago.

It’s a nonprofit organization that helps homeless people get jobs, housing and other services they need.

Don’t miss PIX11 News Closeup with Marvin Scott. Tune in (or set your DVR) for the whole show, Sunday morning at 6 a.m. on PIX11.


1 Comment to “Meet George McDonald: He wants to be New York’s next Republican mayor”

    S. Spacek said:
    April 6, 2013 at 12:42 PM

    NYC is now #1 "America's Dirtiest City" (TRAVEL+LEiSURE). The American State Litter Scorecard's Steve Spacek said that New York and certain other U.S. cities have “…seemingly done little or nothing–just a terrible job, at removing longstanding debris and rubbish along their tax-paid roads, streets, sidewalks and parks."

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