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I punched him because he didn’t want to take a nap: man accused of killing 4-year-old boy

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The man accused of killing a 4-year-old who was found dead in an Amityville home told detectives he punched the boy for refusing to take a nap, according to authorities.

Jonathan Thompson, 31, who was babysitting young Adonis Reed on the day the boy died, pleaded not guilty to second degree murder Saturday.

Furious family members waited outside the courthouse to see Thompson being led away by police.  When asked about Thompson, one woman would only say, “You don’t want to know my thoughts, you don’t want to know my thoughts.”


Jonathan Thompson, 31, said he punched 4-year-old Adonis Reed because the boy didn’t want to take a nap.

Thompson admitted to punching Adonis, known to the family as ‘Don Don’, twice in the abdomen because he didn’t want to take a nap.  The blows lacerated the boy’s liver, according to prosecutor Raphael Pearl.

“I can’t believe he even said that,” said another woman, “He has no heart.”

Police arrived at the Ketchum Ave. house Wednesday after receiving an anonymous call.  Inside, they found Adonis lying motionless on the couch.

Adonis had been living with Thompson and his godmother for the last two months while his mother was looking for a new home for them.  Adonis’ six-year-old sister has been placed under the care of Child Protective Services.

A makeshift memorial for the boy has been set up on the front steps of the Amityville home.


  • albro

    After over 50 years of my life being told that we "white" people are the cause of all of the poor 'african-americans" woes, once gain we see that it is the 'african-americans' who cause the vast majority of their own woes.

  • Paula

    Adam Lanza was white, how many children did he kill in CT, there is no place for racism when there is a death of someones loved one you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • bfdrivemecrazy

      Nope, I'm not ashamed of myself. I knew people like you would have to get your two cents in. If you'd like, you may re-read my comment. It's not MY fault that the MEDIA reports 95% of BAD black people committing these crimes. And, if you'd like to re-read my post, it indicates that there are BAD people in EVERY race. So you should be ashamed of yourself for not understanding the post and letting your emotions over RACE get in the way. AGAIN, if you'd like to re-read my post, I'm not racist. I bet your black and that's why you got so mad. Sorry, I didn't make reality, all the BAD black people did.

      • Ron

        one should never have to say they're not a racist. Actions and words will demonstrate what's in one's heart. But, you're right. There are bad people in every race. The only reason you see blacks in 95% of the situations is because blacks are shown in the media in a negative light even though the same things happen all over. When a little white girl goes missing, she ends up on Nancy Grace. Ever see a black child on Nancy. I'm sure there has been one but I can't recall ever seeing one. Welfare; blacks are shown all the time when statistically, more whites are on welfare than any other race. Just sayin…..You're one of those people who will never see life through an african american because you're not one. Just sayin…..

      • bfdrivemecrazy

        Now Ron, I appreciate you not being a complete jerk, but how do you know I'm not black? You have no idea what color I am, and I will say again, I'm not racist. I have every race of person in my family. My child is a mixed child! So I know when I say I'm not racist, I'm not racist. I knew I'd have to say that, because people like you and Paula would get all butt hurt and think it's a race thing, and it's truly not. I'm not saying, well, I hate all black people because the majority of black people commit 95% of these murders…not just murders, but horrific murders involving children. No, I still love the good black people. I love ALL color GOOD people. And do we have a white history month? But we do have a black history month – so see, here we are, talking about things like what color kid is on Nancy Grace and black people are shown to be on welfare, yada yada ya….NOT the point. The true point was simply my opinion – how BAD black people get on my nerves for killing.

      • K Dolla

        I feel kinda bad for you bfDRIVINGMEFUCKINGCRAZY!!!! Its like damn, you really took the time to answer everyone's response. Get a life, and take care of your HALF BREED ASS CHILD!!!!! Oh and by the way…I AM SOOOO NOT RACIST!!!!

      • BlackPhD

        Perhaps you don't appreciate the definition of racism. Having friends, family, etc from a different race, religion, creed, ethnicity doesn't exclude one from being racist. Racism is inappropriate characterization of a person or persons based on such identifiers. Most black-on-black crime victims are between the ages of 18 and 35. So your saying that 95% of "these" murders are Blacks killing children is factually inaccurate. In fact, most children who die from violence are White and are killed by family members. But that doesn't even matter. What does matter is that innocent children from all backgrounds are hurt and killed everyday. And instead of demanding improvements on mental health care and state investigations for kids who come to school abused and neglected, we sit around on the internet pointing the finger at one another. To set a better example, for every reply a post to such a comment or story I will spend at least an hour volunteering at a local home for disadvantaged children. Nothing wrong with exchange of ideas and words, but as Americans we must use our actions to affect the change(s) we wish to see.

      • Michelle

        Only black people say there are more whites than black on welfare… I had a black woman just recently told me that only 17% up the prisons contain black people…. THAT CRAP!

      • Janice

        It's clear that you are a very ignorant and naive person. I'm not sure what news outlets you rely upon to get your information, but it is clear that crime has no race and I disagree that most murders are committed by mostly black people. Your ignorance is disgraceful.

      • bfdrivemecrazy

        Thanks there Janice – I'm totally going to lose sleep now because you said mean things to me. Get over it. Go walk your little dog or whatever it is you do besides post things I don't care about. I've stated why I feel the way I do….not so I can hear your negative feedback….hell, I don't even care about positive feedback. These comment forums are just for that – to leave ones comment or opinion. I don't need you to agree with my opinion. But I don't care if you don't agree and your nasty lash back does not affect how I feel. I don't know you, nor do I care to know you. Mind your own business. Do you think putting negative comments towards someone and attempting to make them feel bad about their opinion is going to suddenly make them see a different light and change their opinion? No.

      • amy

        Clearly you are really sensitive and are losing sleep because nothing I said was mean or negative. You are the one who decided to make disparaging and untrue remarks about the black race. You said the stupidest comment by saying that black people get on your nerves for killing. Are you forgetting the despicable act Adam lanza (white) committed or the mass shooting James Holmes (white) committed or the countless other mass shootings white people have committed. It would be unfair to categorize all white people over the acts of a few which is what you did by generalizing the black race.

      • bfdrivemecrazy

        Ok, well feel how you feel and I'll feel how I feel there Amy. Your pointless comment makes me feel no different. Not sensitive, not losing sleep – and why are you posting as two different people?

      • navysailor

        I have a mixed child as well. And the WHOLE point of this article is to state that a man punched a child because he wouldn't take a nap. Just because you have a mixed child, a white child, etc…. well all have a little bit of something in our blood. No one should hate anyone because we are not ones to judge. Dislike the action not the person. With any of you saying anything negative about this situation, shame on you. BFdrivingmecrazy…. what if that was your child? Would you be posting this same comment? Would you want to see a bunch of people pointing fingers at color of skin? If you didn't care so much about what people think, don't respond. Everyone has their right to give their opinion like you said. Let them give their opinions and let it roll off of your shoulder. Prove them wrong by looking in your child's eyes every night and be the best parent you can be. And show your child the correct way to treat people. You might never see these people. And let the comments be left for others who want to leave their condolences. You don't need to respond to me, just listen and let the words sink in and have a great evening.

  • Cassie

    you should…it is a FACT that most people who are murdered, are murdered by someone of their own race. For the most part, people of different races won’t kill members of other races because of the hoopla and higher sentences. So, while your statement is true, the delivery is shameful.

  • Mary Ann

    Race has nothing to do with it. A little helpless 4 year old was murdered. Beaten by a "man" 10 times his weight and size.

  • Nikki L

    " I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King, Jr. -that being said I do believe we need to look at the subcultures in our communities (of every color) , and address the issue of the BAD BEHAVIOR that creates a less than upstanding character. As a foster parent and prior foster child I get that inappropriate behavior is learned and how its just natural for a child to repeat their parent mistakes because they just feel that's just how it is. The only way to stop the violence is to TEACH peace! Thoughts and prays for this little boy and his family.

    • Dr.

      Dear Nikki. Take your Head out of your ASS and join the real world. Blacks have been given more breaks and second chances then any other race on earth since the dawn of man. They have proved time after time after time that they are a violent primitive race and are incapable of living without blood, drugs, murder, rape, theft and liberal hand outs. Smarten up for God's sake.

      • Nikki L

        Dear… I hope your not actually a doctor: Bless your heart. I'm not sure if you where taught such terrible things by your parents or the circumstances behind why you would think such terrible things are true. I hope for your sake you meet someone that will show you this simply isn't true. I hope for the sake of "whatever race" you are; that no one judges your entire "race" by your actions. No matter the race there will be good and bad. The pigment of someones skin does not determine what type of person they will become. Again its the subcultures (of every color) we need to OPEN our EYES to, they are cause the cycle of drugs, murder, rape to just keep repeating it self.

  • tracy

    Child abuse has reached epidemic proportions in this country — whether that child be white, black, hispanic, etc. What department of government should we contact to have this become one of the main focal points of address in this country?? Concerns are addressed about obesity, tobacco, etc. but why not the most immediate concern — the poor little children in this country who are being tortured and dying in the U.S. every single day!!! And, by the way, it is by, no means, confined to any one race. Read the papers and watch the news. All children deserve to be loved and nutured, and those who don't provide it, should be punished beyond the extent of the law as far as I'm concerned.

  • Guest

    I cannot understand how anyone could punch a 4 year old in the abdomen for ANY reason. This creature has relinquished any claim of belonging to the human race. The human race is the race that matters everyone. Be a decent person, & you are a member. This piece of pond slime does not qualify. Poor little one, play with the angels, & dance among the stars until your family gets there some day. My sincere sympathy & respects to his family.

  • EmmanuelGoldstein

    37.4% If you took the time to do a two minute google search, you could easily see that 37.4% of murders (in 2009-the most recent stats available), were committed by black offenders. By the way, EVERY racist uses the 'I'm not racist I have a black friend/relative/neighbor' defense. In my experience, the only people who use that line are racists. Just saying.

  • Helen Hevener

    not true- the man that did the mass shooting in Connecticut was white!! The man who did the mass shooting at the theater in Colorado was white. The white are just as capable as killing people as black people are. I hate guns – people fighting all of it- I hate it- but then I am told I am dumb because I am against violence. Although in this case of a little 4 year old boy dying because a grown up punched him- well I cant say what I would do to that guy!!

  • dumbass

    thats because thats what the media puts out. they RARELY show u crazy ass white people that do all these mass shooting on tv. get a fucking grip

  • big vee

    people of ALL races commit crimes and kill people NOT just one race of people. how in the world can you judge a whole RACE of people for what a few idiots do? anyway they WILL welcome him with open arms when he goes to jail.because YOU NEVER ABUSE A YOUNG INNOCENT CHILD. now it wont bring the child back,but for how ever many years this punk is in jail they will make pay dearly for what he did to that child!

  • youngyoda

    Racist comments are not to be rationalized (duh) who could rationalize Hitler's comments or thoughts? Only another racist… The death of a child is a horrible thing and those who believe the poor conditions of the schools, the corruption of the government officials exploiting the conditions of impoverished residence has nothing to do with the devaluation of life – they are also part of the problem. Our history has been defined by how we as a people over come the prehistoric mind state that rationalized these beliefs. To steal men, women and CHILDREN and make them slaves, steal land and force slaves to cultivate it , dehumanize/assassinate/kill anyone who doesn't agree with them and ignore the effect this has on the victims, their children and future societies… Until people can face the true reality of where our behavior comes from we should use the "eye for an eye" system, this is the only way people can begin to be held responsible for there actions (this is also why he won't live long in prison). My prayers go out to the family in their time of loss.

  • Dr.

    Dear Youngyoda. Stating the truth is not racist. We dump more money into our school system then any other country on earth and for what so that argument of yours is a joke. In case you have not heard Yoda, Slave Ownership ended 158 years ago so using that excuse for a life of crime dose not cut it either. Go tell your "it's not their fault crap" to the 640 thousand young American White Men who gave their lives to free these people to Kill, Rape, Steal and Milk our country dry. I love the crap that never stops coming from you Liberals, it's always sociaties fault that these people are the way they are. The only way the Black Race will improve is for misinformed fools like you to stop making excuses for their behavior.

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