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Teen girl gunned down in her bedroom

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A bizarre death has rattled a quiet neighborhood in New Jersey.

A teenager gunned down in her bedroom and cops are staying tight-lipped on the death of Alishia Colon.

Pix11’s Narmeen Choudhury was working the investigation in Kearny.


  • vdcv

    why do that kids tears look fake??? SOmethin fishys going on how are people not aware what really went on??? Obviously it had something to did with her and her family people dont just go straight upstairs to a random person and shoot them. something went down and people arent talking.

    • Kelly

      Are you serious? I was there to witness him crying? Nothing's fishy he truly loved her and that fact that you're saying that is selfish and fucked up. If you don't know the story stop talking. You didn't know them, you didn't feel what we felt. So keep your comments to yourself.

    • JR47

      fake ? u must be crazy if u think he was involved , he was playing a basketball game at the time it happen nd I was there with him , he one of my teammate , Stay Strong Joe

  • Mike SP

    It is it was a family fight with another guy who just got out of prison for murder for 20 years he got locked up hours before and supposly they thing it's connected

  • kaitlin

    people shouldn't start saying rumors we will find out soon.
    everything is in God's hands, but the polices words. this is way to sad were in WAR with our self's. God bless her and her family. an angle will rise and the bad remains. smh*

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