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WATCH: Savage Greenwich Village beating leaves Massachusetts man with fractured skull

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The early morning street brawl was as barbaric as an any seen along McDougal Street — two groups of men exchanged verbal jabs and before it was over, one man was lying in a blood bath, beaten nearly to death.

According to the NYPD one group worked over a Massachusetts man with a tire iron and a bat; along with a flurry of punches and kicks.


The fight happened outside the Artichoke Pizza restaurant on MacDougal, a hot late night spot for people finishing a long night of partying

The victim is 24-year-old Kevin McCarron, and, according to the criminal complaint, the beatdown by his six assailants left him with a fractured skull.

Two of the suspects have been arrested — Hatem Farsakh and Sherif Rizk.

Rizk is born and raised in Brooklyn and recently graduated from Brooklyn College with a double-major in Psychology and Political Science.


One of the beating suspects, Sherif Rizk is born and raised in Brooklyn and recently graduated from Brooklyn College with a double-major in Psychology and Political Science.

His father, who immigrated from Egypt, said, “They came to me and they said we just want to talk to him.  We’re going to ask him some questions.”

So he gave the NYPD his son’s cell number and arrested Sharif at his job at Metro PCS.

“I was shocked and I was surprised because my son he never did something like that in all his life,” said his father, Ahmed Sharif.  He said he had never been in any fights at school, adding, “He’s a very quiet nice guy.”

While the video depicts a chaotic scene and screams can be heard, Ahmed says that Sharif tells him that what took place on this street early Sunday morning was self-defense, and that it was the victim’s group who instigated the attack.Beating1

According to Rizk, his son also told him that most of the other guys were very drunk and that there were more than could be seen in the surveillance video.  Rizk said that his son does not drink and never has.

According Rizk, Sharif was fingered in a line-up this morning and says his son told him that detectives were contemplating appkling make-up to his face because, “You can’t even see his eye.  His eye is almost closed. Very big black mark under his eye from the punch someone punched him right in his face.”


  • Guest

    Seems to be a pattern with Muslim males ganging up on non-Muslims. Read the news in Europe. Not to mention the rape edidemic there against non-Muslim females. Muslim parents let their sons grow up to be savage. It's a badge of honor.

  • Rami

    comming from a race that just killed 23 kids and 3 teachers in an elementary school? or a race who walked into a movie theature killing random people because he wanted to be a fictional character? then tried to set up his house to kill law enforcement?? every race and background has their sour grapes and this is no exception and i dont condone this but dont you dare come off high and mighty taking about a whole race when no race and noone is perfect. doesnt make it right but dont go talking about a whole race because of one incidents because if thats the case then whites are the biggest terrorists of all with their enslavement of african americans for hundreds of years and bombing of japan and vietnam and many many other events. ignorance is something we are supposed to lose as we get older got gain more of.

      • Rami

        your ideaology is idiotic for the reasons i stated above. and i wasnt even commenting on your comment i was commenting in regards to guest. but looking at the video and it seems one sided as i dont condone this but you should also include the idea that it was self-defense or in retaliation. as it says in the article sherif had a black eye which means someone punched him first. article in the post says McCarron's crew was eight and sherifs was six which means if a fight broke out they would be outnumbered and i bet if this was the other way around noone would know because it wouldnt appear on the news. there are two sides to every story but the beating to that extent was wrong and unjustifyablebut where are McCarron's other friends? only two or three weapons were listed so it couldnt have been more than three guys with a weapon….where are his friends? again im not justifying the extent of the beating but you have to listen to both sides of the story to hear who was the instigat aggressor and who was acting or trying to act in self defense.

      • Fools

        The self defense excuse not acceptable. Once someone hits the ground, self defense is over…They kept hitting him while he was down. Multiple people agaisnt one guy. That is not self defense, that is a shameful hate-fueled attack. They got weapons and came back to keep hitting him. They tried to kill him and fled the scene when they thought they did. Self defense my ass. Poor black eye, oh cry me a river. This kid will probably never regain his motor skills.
        At that point, it doesnt even matter who started the fight.

        Yes, there are two sides to every story, but you cant really believe people using bats and kicking someone in the head multiple times are acting in self defense.

        This is not a race issue. This is an issue of why people are brouight up to believe that acting like this is okay. White, black, pink, gray, muslim, jewish, catholic, every type of person commits violent acts. The issue is why they thought it was okay to escalate a shouting match to attempted murder.

    • CooterBrown

      hey Rami,

      blow me….

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      mooslims are even sicker, their "religion" requires them to tax or kill
      anyone that wont convert, their religious prophet was a rapist, pedohile,
      hmmmm, shall I go on???

      you can just stfu

      • Rami

        ahhh a hillbilly hick..rare to find your kind in nyc. and you cant even say anything because you dont know shit about my religion. and your comment proved my point even more dick. NOONE IS PERFECT. NO RACE IS PERFECT. everyone whos white and kills many people are 'nutcases' but everyone else is a terrorist or thug. so how about you go about your business fuck a cow inbreed babies w.e your preference is and stop thinking about me blowing you because im not gay guy. its w.e if you are but im interested in mean vagine.

      • Al notSharpton

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        fuck YOUR RELIGION….

      • CooterBrown

        wrong, 30% of mooslims are in S.Asia, 20% in Africa, then come the camel humpers in
        Arab countries at 18%….nitwit.

    • Wotan

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  • Rami

    we dont kill anyone who doesnt convert. the religion actually tells us to respect the people of the book…in case you dont know what that is its jews christians and muslims. so your information souns like something i can hear at a KKK convention. and our prophet if you wanna know was voted number one influencial man period….by americans…look at your stats…islam is growing rapidly due to the amount of converts we get…do your research before you start talking pure bullshit guy

  • Pal Jas

    This will only happen more and more with Obama in the White House.
    We have the same shit here (Belgium) in cities and villages with leftwing mayors. Muslims and blacks attacking white people just for fun and stuff…
    And once or twice a year we have a few weeks in a row that they only target people who are over 70.

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