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Lionel: Assault marriage ban

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  • Ray Meizys

    Get your facts right: http://m.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2
    Your commentary tonight was not only one of the worst examples of specious reasoning I have ever heard, but it was irresponsible. You are the worst sort of hack on TV- one who actually believes in a non-existent intellectual prowess. You have such an amazing talent of saying the obvious with such a sense of real discovery. Anything else you say just makes no sense. You have turned me into a Fox 5 at 10 viewer.

  • manny

    I beg if you Lionel to comment about the planet that is coming through our solar system that comes every 3,630 years that cause mass destruction to the planet because of the magnetic force when it travels pass us? Or can you give me more info in it, will be greatly appreciated

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