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Bike racks under attack in Hoboken?

Bike riders in Hoboken are puzzled by broken bike racks and asked PIX 11 to investigate.

Last night, this tweet came across our news desk.

“@cityofhoboken notice a lot of bike racks on Washington and 3rd were missing the tops and unusable. What’s up?”

The tweet caught our attention. So we embarked on the city to check on the area.

Washington Avenue is full of bike racks and the area our viewer noticed the missed parts was about a block from city hall.

We noticed a bunch of racks with bicycles chained to them. Then we noticed a couple of racks without tops and side handles. Just like our viewer said.

But a few minutes into our inquiry on the street and a call to the city, ¬†we realized vandals weren’t behind the busted racks. Rather, the city recently removed parking meters from the sidewalk, replaced them with munimeters and never took out the poles.

“There are several of them around,” said Liza Duval.

While we didn’t uncover that bike rack thieves were roaming the streets, we did discover that bike owners are afraid to leave their bikes outside for long periods of time.

“People chain their bikes to anything and they are stolen all the time,” said Duval.

We asked the city of Hoboken to investigate the bike theft claims.


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