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PIX POLL: Have you ever had success fighting a parking ticket?

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Parking ticket

Have you ever had success fighting a parking ticket? Tell us your stories and Tamsen Fadal will share them on the PIX11 News at 5. And check out Monica Morales’ special report on “worry free parking,” at 5.


  • Joe LoVerde

    Yes, was ticketed for parking in my driveway, but jutting out onto the sidewalk. The Ticket had my neighbor's address as the location instead of my address, so the judge threw it out.

  • Gil Perry

    Yes. Back in 2006, I was ticketed for parking too close to a fire hydrant. I filed my appeal online and never heard back from the city. The ticket had so many things wrong, it was sad. First, it had me parked on 88 York Ave. I was parked one block over on 88 East End Ave. Second, it had the make of my car wrong. I was in a Subaru, not a Honda. Plus, they had one digit wrong on my license plate. To this date, I have not heard back from the city. No complaints here.

  • Steven

    I had one reduced 15.00 all others I lost and it doesn't pay to waste your time between care fare and time

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