NYC bridge toll to hit $20 by 2018

VerrazanoNew Yorkers may have to cough up $20 to cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as early as 2018, according to one MTA official.

If toll hikes for the bridge continue rising at the same rate they have for the past two decades, that is the year they would hit $20.

Staten Island’s MTA board representative Allen P. Cappelli puts that figure at $25, and feels residents are being unfairly targeted.

If tolls raise exactly as they have over the last 20 years, they would hit $22.50 in 2018, $28 in 2023 and $37.50 in 2033.

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  • Rosario Carluzzo

    I think it's time to think about moving out of New York and relocate to somewhere where you don't have to pay these ridiculous tolls and taxes !!!! It's getting way too expensive to live and commute in NYC.

  • Rhonda J. Romo

    I think it would just be fine if it will reach to $18. I'm sure there would be any solution regarding this matter. Those bridge stone would be the next focus of this toll hike.

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