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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Grisly crime scene photos released in Jodi Arias case

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ARIZONA (PIX11) – On the second day of the Jodi Arias murder trial, jurors were subjected to gruesome photographs taken of the scene where her ex-boyfriend was brutally stabbed to death.

The photos were introduced as evidence Monday in the trial where Arias is accused of murdering ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander by stabbing him 27 times and then shooting him in the head.

The disturbing photographs revealed blood splattered across a bathroom mirror, sink and on several walls. Also submitted as evidence, a bloodied t-shirt believed to have been Alexander’s.


Photographs of the crime scene where Travis Alexander was stabbed 27 times and shot in the head were submitted as evidence Monday in the murder trial of his ex-girlfriend. Here a bloodied sink near to his body is pictured. (HANDOUT)

As the trial gets underway, the couple’s sex life appears to be playing a central role in the case. Defense attorneys claim the brunette beauty was victimized by Alexander, and was coaxed into frisky bedroom behavior.

This, while prosecutors are painting Arias as a jealous ex-girlfriend who stalked him and grew furious after he started dating other women.


  • Nancy

    If he owned a gun, he had to know where he had it because Jodi knew where it was. So why didn't he go for it if he really wanted to kill her but instead he let her run to the closet and grab it first. Am I making any sense? No because this case doesn't make any sense. She killed him, she's crazy and she should be found guilty of first degree murder.

  • Cheryl

    Travis did not own a gun. Jodi stole her grandfather s gun. I do not know where knife came from. could have been in the kitchen or more likely brought by Jodi. Travis was so mutilated. I looked at the autopsy photos. I'm so sick of this trial. They need to get this trial over. Why has the grandfather not been called
    as a witness. Jodi needs no less than the death penalty.

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