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Dad leaves baby at liquor store, comes back drunk to pick child up: police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This guy won’t be winning Father of the Year awards anytime soon.

Kenneth Rowe of Daytona Beach brought his infant child to the Shark Lounge and Liquor Store Sunday night.SharkLounge

The 26-year- old handed the baby to a clerk, went out for a smoke… and disappeared.

By the time he came back he was drunk, and the clerk had called police.

Police say Rowe left the store with the baby, wandered into traffic and laid down in the street. The pathetic papa then hid from police in the bushes, but the scared tot gave him away by crying in the cold.

He’s been charged with child neglect, and the baby has been returned to the mother.


    • Dadvocate

      Im sure if this were a woman though you would insist she made a tragic mistake and she should still be able to see her child

      • Farker

        Are you being serious. Anyone who lays down in the middle of traffic, drunk, with their child should deserve to have that child taken away. Some people make legit parenting mistakes that can get out of hand, REGARDLESS of gender, and this is not one of them. Who would say 'Uh oh, that lady got drunk and laid down in the middle of traffic with her baby – Goodness, I hope she sees right so she can get that doomed child back!' No one.
        Not sure if you're trolling or just dumb and/or sexist. Just because you think that the opposite sex only has unrelenting sympathy for the same gender doesn't mean everyone else does. That's narrow-minded and bigoted.

    • guest

      Oh calm down lady. The guy needs help with a drinking problem. Can it with the forever and ever bs. When sober, he's probably an okay guy, and the kid needs a dad. We know how poorly children often turn out without a father figure. Perhaps you need a stiff drink to relax. I'll buy you a bottle over at the Shark Lounge. You could use it.

      • Farker

        I just think that the only response being an irrelevant and sexist one was an inappropriate response and was trying to make a point.
        I see where you are coming from however I do not believe that a drinking problem = laying down in traffic with your scared, crying child. That exceeds the term 'drinking problem' by a little bit, I think. Perhaps you could argue that at some point, with alcohol assuredly out of the equation and with a lot of re-thinking that perhaps this man could eventually be a fit parent again. However until then he should not be taking care of a child.
        The argument that he's 'probably an okay guy' when he's sober is made ironic in perspective of that when he is drunk he is extremely neglectful and pretty much tries to kill his kid. I'm sure the kid needs a proper parent figure more than he needs a drunken biological father figure with some homicidal/suicidal tendencies.

  • danielle madison

    Why didn*t the clerk call the police when he left the child in the frist place……God help him…He needs to go to a program…..RED FLAG ALL THE WAY

  • Guest

    Uh, read it again:

    "By the time he came back he was drunk, and the clerk had called police."

    The clerk did call the police before the father came back.

  • Spaggio

    Spaggio knows this story must be lying because everyone has been to Daytona Beach knows it is HOT in Florida! How can baby cry in cold there? Can't fool Spaggio government stogies. xoxo Spaggio

    • Alex

      Hey Idiot if you reeally lived in Florida, you should know that the weather in winter time can go as low as 45 degrees in the middle of Florida. Is only hot in the south tip of Florida where Miami is you dumb shit.

  • randy

    The guy did do wrong but find the underlying problem correct it. No child should ever grow up with a mother and a dad.

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