Local News

Hundreds of JFK airport security officers to strike as Christmas nears

In a bid to unionize over low wages and benefits hundreds of security officers at John F. Kennedy airport will strike, just in time for Christmas.

The strike will happen as planned on Dec. 20 if their employer, Air Serv, doesn’t address their concerns.

“I just want everyone to know that we have no other choice, this is what it’s come to,” said security guard Prince Jackson.  Jackson started with the company three years ago at $8 an hour.  Three years later, Jackson is still making $8 an hour.

The security officers main concerns are wages, lack of training and a lack of equipment.

“This airport, JFK, New York City’s gateway to the world, this needs to be the safest facility on earth,” said Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio.  “But it’s just not, and one of the reasons is that security personnel are not treated properly.”

In a statement Air Serv said:

“These issues have only come to our attention this week…As our policy makes clear, we value employees’ input on matters of concern to them. Accordingly, we will be speaking with employees on these matters in the days and weeks to come.”

Another security company, Global Elite, will vote on whether or not to strike this Friday.


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